Our cutting edge lifestyle with its numerous points of interest additionally brings along the worst thing about different degrees of worry to our lives. Mount Tamborine is the perfect spot to loosen up your drained body and soul.

It is a beautiful area located in South East Queensland (Australia) with a variety of activities available to keep you busy  including hikes, wonderful wildlife, great restaurants, awesome shopping and wineries to visit . It can be found in the Gold Coast Hinterland and is around 80 kms south of Brisbane.

I started my journey from the Gold Coast with a travel company (Experience Oz). It was a bright sunny day and my bus picked me up from the lodge I was staying at 9:00 in the morning. Within half n hour of our journey we came across the wild wilderness and that was one of the colorful rides of my life…I can feel the freshness of the air. We reached there by 9:45 am and after that, it was a hike in between the jungles and my eyes were Gazled by the strong green atmosphere…there were tremendous amount of trees covering the maximum area.

During my hike I came across many eye catching spots

There are plenty of Mt Tamborine hikes to choose from including:

The Joalah Section – Curtis Falls and Joalah Lower Creek Circuit

The Cedar Creek Section – Cedar Creek Falls Lookout and Cedar Creek Falls Rock Pools

The Knoll Section – Picnic area!

The Witches Falls Section – Witches Falls Circuit and the Witches Chase Track

The Palm Drove Section – Palm Grove Circuit  and the Jenyns Circuit

The Macdonald Section – MacDonald Circuit

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